1.Mangala Wagh
The medicines, especially for skin have helped me a lot. Customer service & treatments are very good

2.Mr. Sunil Poddar
Treatment has been very effective for me. The timely check up, follow up & guidance by doctors has been very effective. My problem for the last 20 years is slowly disappearing only within 3-4 months of taking the medicines regularly. Thank you doctors.

3.Mr. Chittaranjan Acharaya
I am diabetic and after taking the medicines my sugar report is normal now. Sugar is under control & I have stopped allopathic medicines.

4.Mrs. Kavita Mainlalkar
Had Sinus problem for which I was advised an operation. Thought about consulting the centre. With Nasya (Nasal Care Therapy) for 4 days followed with ayurvedic medicines & suggested pranayam felt good. Never had a headache after this which I used to have almost alternate days.

5.Niteen Tambat
Great & efficient masseur. Revitalising every part of the body. Good, refreshing / calming experience.

6.Preeti Singh
Massages are very relaxing & are given in a very unhurried manner. Overall a very fulfilling experience. The lady who did the massage was very gentle. The service provided is extremely good.

7.Mrs. Jayshree Shivkumar
Sri Sri Ayurveda medicines are very good. They give relief & I have strong faith in them.

8.Gaurav Varma
Marma therapy & Shirodhara have been a great combination. Has helped relax & rejuvenate me.

9.Rajesh Purde (Ratnagiri)
ENT doctor had told me to use a hearing aid otherwise I would loose total hearing. I can now hear well without a hearing aid after 3 months of treatment.

10.A.R. Balasubramani
We are happy & grateful to SSAWC for the service & support rendered. Entire family has benefited after consulting the doctor (Nadi Pariksha), taking the medicines & treatments. The receptionist is very courteous. SSAWC is a temple for us. Jai Gurudev.

11.Chaya Owhal
After consultation & 2 months of medicines & recommended daily regime my weight is 7kgs less.

12.R. Ramachander
Wonderful & excellent treatments. With the ayurvedic medicines my illness has been cured without any kind of side effects. Really a God’s gift. Jai Gurudev.

13.Jitendra Salunkhe
Good experience & got good results at SSAWC, Pune. Medicines are effective.

14.B. Chandrika
Marma was very good. Full relaxation & felt the body had become light & more flexible.

15. Mrs. Pushpa Purswani (Ahmednagar)
Could not sleep without sleeping pills for years, now don’t need the same.

16. Ms. Malati Mishra
Severe knee joint pain, swelling all over body, diabetic.
Feeling better, sugar under control, joint pain relieved in 2 months.

17. Mrs. Kamat
50% Psoriasis cured in 1 month’s treatment. Feeling better.

18. Mrs. Purswani (Ahmednagar)
Used to be anemic for many years. Hb count has increased in 1 month.

19. Aditya Singh Dalal
Medicines have had a good effect in very little time. Good hospitality & services.   

20. Mr. Suresh Purswani (Ahmednagar)
After Nadi Pariksha and medications have had zero urge for sweetmeats & cheese. Feel energetic & fresh in the mornings. Clear bowels now.

21. Ms. Rashmi
Migraine & painful periods cured.

22. Ms. Maityeyi
Medicines effective. After regular Netra Tarpan (Eye care treatment) feel the change & relaxation. For Bells Syndrome the Marma is very effective.

23. Ms. Ragini Gaikwad
Acidity has been completely cured after taking the Sri Sri Ayurveda medicines.

24. Ms. Shoba Shelar
With ayurvedic medicines my weight gain has come under control & I`m really thankful for that.

25.Mrs. Sheetal Agrawal (Chronic Sinusitis)
Nasya treatment is very effective for sinus. It opened all my blockages so that I could breathe easily. I gained resistance power. This change I am experiencing for the first time.

26. Shrish Shinde (Acute Rhinitis)
I had acute cough & cold. Nasya is soothing & relaxing. After the second sitting 80% of cough and cold vanished. I felt fresh.