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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How is Sri Sri Ayurveda different from other Ayurvedic practices/traditions?

  • All employees meditate on a daily basis and medicines are made in a positive atmosphere of chanting, creating a positive and energetic environment which will double the potential of the medicines as well as the production of high quality products.
  • All therapies are according to the ancient scriptures.
  • The services are provided with authentic intention of serving versus gaining a monetary benefit.
  • The team in Sri Sri Ayurveda is comprised of both modern scientists as well as traditional ayurvedic doctors.
  • Sri Sri Ayurveda promotes Ayurveda based on the principles given in the ancient scriptures.
  • Sri Sri Ayurveda bases every aspect of Ayurveda on a thorough understanding of life energy or “prana”.
  • Sri Sri Ayurveda insists that healing happens by maintaining a healthy person healthy and curing disease at the root.
How will a healthy individual benefit from Ayurvedic consultation/treatments?
  • Undergoing proper Ayurvedic treatments in good health enhances the immune power of the body and helps prevent the onset of disease. Taking on appropriate measures to prevent disease and preserve health is considered to be a wiser attitude than going for a cure after one gets afflicted by disease. Through nadi pareeksha consultation, one can :
  • Gain knowledge of the body constitution and consequently determine which foods/activities are suitable.
  • Maintain optimum health to know the imbalance and correct it before it heads into the onset of a disease.
Is Ayurveda as a system of medicine very slow in effective action?
  • Ayurveda can treat very rapidly…especially, common cold, infections, fever. The speed at which the effective herb medicines act will also depend on diet and lifestyle. That is why in Ayurveda Ahaara (food) and Vihaara (daily routine activities/lifestyle) are given prior to taking medicines (Aushadha).
  • Also it is important to add, that if a medicine is taking a longer time to be effective, it is because Ayurveda is treating the root of the problem. It is not to be assumed that Ayurveda in general takes a long time.
How is Panchakarma different from a spa treatment?
  • Panchakarma constitutes of five purficatory procedures: vamana, virechana, raktamokshana, vasti and nasya. Through these methods imbalanced doshas and accumulated toxins in the body can be cleansed (detoxified) thoroughly and one gets rejuvenated. Acute or chronic diseases can be rooted out and imbalances can be corrected. Unlike spa treatments Panchakarma has deep healing action on the body.
  • Therapies carried out here are a blend of classical Panchkarma and traditional knowledge from the lineage of keraliya panchakarma.
Do Sri Sri Ayurveda effective herbs contain heavy metals?
  • Ayurvedic medicines fall into 2 categories: Herbal and Herbomineral. Sri Sri Ayurveda concentrates only on the herbal medicines and not on the other. This is mainly due to the fear that people have (especially in the West) regarding heavy metal content in the medicines and adverse effects. Herbomineral products have a huge medicinal value and after proper purificatry procedures, it will not have any harmful effects on the body as people think. Still we only use herbal medicines in Sri Sri Ayurveda.
Does Ayurveda prescribe a very strict diet and lifestyle regime?
  • Any restriction to our erratic lifestyle and diet regime of the present day seems to be very strict because we have stopped respecting our health and nature. Once we learn the right way of living then the diet conditions mentioned in Ayurveda do not seem to be difficult at all.
Can one make diagnoses in Ayurveda?
  • Ayurveda has its own parameters of diagnostic methods. In Sri Sri Ayurveda we use nadipariksha. By checking the nadi, the vaidya (doctor) assesses the health condition of the body and mind, the dosha (imbalances), system affected and organs affected. More expertise in nadipariksha will reveal the prognosis of the disease and other minute aspects of the health conditions too.
What could be the maximum duration for treatments at Sri Sri Ayurveda Wellness Centre?
  • Treatment packages of different duration are available at Sri Sri Ayurveda, ranging from 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 days depending on the amount of detoxification each one needs.